A Canadian Heroes Tribute to
Ted Kensington

7) POWs

After the Japanese part of the war was over, Ted was in Capetown, Africa. Loaded with Mash units, the Merchant Navy immediately set sail for Singapore. They headed up the straits to a Japanese naval base at Yokosuka to help the Allied POWs who were captured by the Japanese during the war. He'll never forget sailing into the port and finding it littered with many ships that were all blown up. The POWs were in bad shape, as they hadn't been treated very well. The Mash units were set up to stabilize the POWs before shipping them home.

One of Ted's good friends was a POW. Ted recalls that he was a changed man after being a POW. His friend died two years after returning home due to the bad treatment he had received as a prisoner.

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7) POWs
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