A Canadian Heroes Tribute to
Ted Kensington

5) The Unexpected

Christmas Overboard

On one of their trips to England, it was timed so that they'd have to spend Christmas at sea. The cook began to bake Christmas Cakes two days before Christmas so that each man would have one for Christmas. There were Christmas Cakes set to cool on every available flat service in the Galley. On Dec. 24, a big storm blew up. The galley ran the width of the ship with blackout doors, which were basically just heavy curtains, on either end. A big wave came up and swept water through one side of the galley and out the other, washing all the Christmas Cakes over board. Ted said even thought no one got a Christmas Cake that year, they had a big barrel of Brandy with which to drown their sorrow.

The Stow-away

On one trip back to the mainland to pick up supplies they discovered a stowaway who had jumped ship in the Navy in Capetown just after reaching open sea. He worked for his supper while on the ship before they put him ashore in San Pedro. The stowaway intended to do whatever it took to get back home to Canada.

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