A Canadian Heroes Tribute to
Ted Kensington

4) Recreation

On Leave

On his shore leaves, Ted would encounter many enlisted personnel. While the Canadians never fought much, there were an awful lot of fistfights between the U.S. and British soldiers. The Americans had more M.P.'s than any other country.

Equator Club

The crew formed a club called the "Equator Club" and every time their ship crossed over the Equator, the crew initiated all the new members who had never passed over the Equator before. There were various rituals that the initiates had to endure before become a member of the club. They'd get their head shaved, or covered with black shoe polish. One particular initiation that got most of them going was being blind folded and thrown overboard. At least that what the initiate thought but in reality they were just thrown into a bucket of water.

Best Money

They also had many crib tournaments on board ship to pass the time. Ted was a good player and won one of the tournaments. He won 500 cartons of cigarettes, which was like winning gold, as cigarettes were the best money base during the war. You could get anything by trading cigarettes for it.

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4) Recreation
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