A Canadian Heroes Tribute to
Ted Kensington

3) Convoys & Subs

Supply Convoys

As they were the crew of an armed cruiser they also assisted in many convoys during the war. Ted's ship was usually at the back of the convoy where he saw many airplanes shot out of the sky.

When in rough seas, Ted remembers feeling sorry for the smaller ships in the convoy as they were really tossed around. While the Merchant Ships were so loaded down with supplies that they were fairly stable.

On one of the convoys the Germans torpedoed a tanker carrying fuel quite close to Ted's ship. Ted felt the concussion when it blew up and will never forget it.

Breaking Up

While crossing the ocean, the convoys would encounter some pretty rough seas. The American Liberty Ships were welded together whereas the merchant ships were riveted. After a couple of poundings he seen an American ship literally break in half and sink.

In spite of it all they enjoyed peace of mind when in rough seas as the German subs weren't as active then.

German Subs

Enemy subs even sailed up the Saint Lawrence Sea Way and would sit below the lighted gate where they drew the nets back and forth to prevent Subs from passing through. After the war, Ted learned that there were many German sailors caught with theatre stubs in their pockets from Canadian Theatres where they attended movies while on shore leave.

They also saw some Submarine activity in the last convoy of the war just off the coast of the southern States.

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