A Canadian Heroes Tribute to
Ted Kensington

2) The Merchant Navy

One of Ted's ships was an Armed Merchant Cruiser with twenty gunners aboard so Ted went to gunnery school before shipping out for the first time. Ted started as a Galley Boy, then Mess Man working with the crew and finally worked into the position of second Steward looking after the stores. Canada had one of the biggest Merchant Navy fleets in the world based on the West Coast. In peace time the Merchant Navy transport goods all over the world. Each Fleet was owned by an independent company and leased to the Armed Services to carry supplies to the various theatres of war.

[The Lake Canin]

Ted sailed on many different ships. When a merchant sailor got into port, they had to register and as soon as a ship needed someone with your qualifications they would call you. The various ships needing crew would publish the list of the men required so there was usually plenty of notice before he had to ship out again. Ted sailed the West Coast, and the Vancouver Isles "Prince George" did Alaska later run up. In the two years that he was in the Merchant Navy he sailed around the world.

[The Leeside Park]

*One of the boats that Ted served on was called the Leeside Park. He had a painter paint a picture of it for him which still hangs in his home.

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