Dear Friends:

Since I have launched my website on the Internet called "Canadian Heroes", many assume I have close ties to the military. People are surprised when they learn that I haven't a clue about military protocol and wonder why I started my website. I cite the preschool and elementary school children I care for, who express a sincere desire to learn about our Canadian Heroes. In my desire to fill that need to know, I found myself hard pressed to find any stories appropriate for such a young age group. I also refer to a moving story written by a modern-day Peace Keeper about his father, in the reserves during WWII, that profoundly touched me. Personally, they reaffirmed in me the remarkable power of the human spirit at a time in my life when I needed a hero for inspiration as I fought against Cancer. All are the motivation and inspiration to start, albeit not the reason for my continued voluntary endeavors regarding the men and women of our Canadian Heroes: including War Veterans, modern Veterans, present day Peace Keepers, law enforcement and rescue personal.

I chose to begin my personal interviews by focusing on our War Veterans as we are at great risk of loosing an important part of Canadian History to old age. However, my page is forever a work in progress and in time I intend to include stories in honor of all our Canadian Heroes. To this end, I warmly welcome submissions in this regard.

During the interviews that I have done to date for Canadian Heroes, I have come to realize that our proud War Veterans continue to serve us every moment of their lives by protecting us from the horrors they faced on our behalf. They keep many of their worst memories to themselves or only talk about it to each other. Many continue their service to us by committing to a lifetime of voluntary community service after they are discharged or retire. They choose to commit their lives to ensure that the integrity of Canada's fine quality of life remains in tact. It's a matter of choice for which I am eternally grateful.

As I reflect upon their lives and sacrifices and in my communications with many different people, it occurs to me that others have the same need to know as I do. I resolved to share my experiences so that those who dare to wonder can feel as loved and inspired as I have come to feel from spending time with them and their families.

It is clear that "Lest We Forget" does not mean we have forgotten, it means we want and need to remember. Thanks to our esteemed Canadian Heroes we have never had war on our soil and our country is full of choices and safe place to live. They define who we are as Canadians.

The advent of life stories on pages like Canadian Heroes, will serve as a credible resource for Canada's regal legacy. Heroism tempered with human-interest issues, common to everyone, will help us understand and identify with our Heroes as one of "us" in extreme situations. Their sacrifice and commitment will be heralded as "real" rather than "surreal", helping us all realize that there's a hero inside each one of us. Their stellar example along with the Grace of God, will show us how to find that hero and will inspire us to make the most of each day. The world today has lost much of its innocence. It has been my observation that it's not just the children who need heroes, it is all of us.

Sincerely, Pat Fowler

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