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B oth Pat and Don Fowler were born and raised in Saskatchewan, on the Canadian Prairies. Throughout her school years, Pat was an accomplished vocalist with a strong musical background. Pat continued her musical interests into her adult life as the lead vocalist for a middle-of-the-road, country, and 50's rock and roll band, opening for such acts as The Mamas and Papas, Tommy James and the Shondells, and Bobby Curtola.

I n the mid-seventies, Pat and her husband Don, were the proud parents of a son, Ryan. It was during this time that Pat redirected her Anne Murray like voice from a professional career to child orientated care and entertainment. In addition to raising her son, Pat operated a Day Home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on a full time basis and was continually involving the children in her care with musical and entertaining activities such as performing at senior citizens' centers. One of the children in her care summed up Pat's musical creativeness quite well when she said "Pat's got a song for everything!".

I n 1989, Pat, Don, Ryan and Claire (Pat's mother) moved to Sherwood Park, near Edmonton in Alberta. Don began work as a Strategic Planner in the Information Technology area for the Government of Alberta. Pat, an Early Childhood Development caregiver (Level 3), worked at both Daycare Centers for children in the 3-5 year age group and at home for her aging, but strong willed mother. It was at this time that Pat rekindled a past dream that she had always had about writing short stories.

P at is a "people person". Her pleasant, outgoing, and assuring presence entices people of all ages to open up to her and share their experiences in life, both happy and sad. It is these events that tweak her creative writing talents and provide her with an unending source of material for her stories.

P at has established a presence on the Internet with several web sites devoted to the enjoyment and respect of real life experiences. One of these web sites, "Pat's Page for Kids of all Ages", has received favorable recognition by many people throughout the world, including well known children's book writers such as Haemi Balgassi. Another of her sites, "Canadian Heroes", has become a popular educational resource about the social lives of Canadians during times of War. One of Pat's stories was selected by the editors of the publication, "Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul", as the lead-off story. Her story is also included in "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grand and Great".

B esides helping out on the "Canadian Heroes" website, Don also maintains a fun, family oriented website called "A Gadzillion Things To Think About". The website, categorized for easy access and reference, contains thousands of humorous questions to encourage creative thought in all age groups and professions. It has been on the Top 10 Most Awarded Websites list for several years and was the first website selected for AWARD SITES! Hall of Honor.

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