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Herein lies a multitude of Remembrance Links. Together they herald a national epitaph of pride and gratitude to all those who fought and died for our freedom. Your profound commitment to all that is good has earned you a direct passage to Heaven. You are Canada, and we will never forget you.

Remembrance Sites
  • Canada-Remembrance Day - A Video by Gerry Malone
  • 123greetings.com Canadian Remembrance
  • George V. Faulkner, MD, MC Canadian volunteer for British Chindits
  • The North Wall, Canadian VietNam Veterans Memorial, Windsor, Ontario
  • VietNam Veterans Empty Chairs Memorial
  • Highway of Heroes - A Video by Gerry Malone
  • The Canajun Notebook - Remembrance Day
  • Canoe - Remembrance Day
  • The Canadian Great War Homepage
  • Henry Lee - North Bay, Ontario
  • Awareness - A Video by Wounded Warriors Canada
  • BFS Media Group, Inc.
  • Univ of New Brunswick, Saint John
  • John Reimer - Abbotsford, B.C.
  • Gander Academy
  • I'll Go (A Soldiers Oath) - A Video by Kelly's Lot
  • Univ. of Nipissing - North York, Ontario
  • Remember November 11th
  • The Royal Canadian Air Force(non-DND)
  • Remembrance, Operation Enduring Freedom, Canadians in Afghanistan
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