Index of Stories
  1. True Patron Love
      By Master Corporal, Peter Lightfoot, CD, to honor his father, Major Harold John Lightfoot CCM, CD2, who at the time of his retirement was Commanding Officer of the West Nova Scotia Regiment in Camp Aldershot, Kentville, Nova Scotia.
  2. I Am Canada
      By Master Corporal, Peter Lightfoot, CD
  3. Salute
      By Pat Fowler in memory of MILTON BRYAN BRISCOE, AC-2, R.C.A.F.
  4. Where There's a Will, There's a Way
      By Marian Fowler in memory of WILLIAM ALEXANDER FOWLER
  5. The Powell Brothers
  6. A Day in the Life of a Prisoner
      By Leslie Bernicky, Service number 62934. Private in the Mont Royal Fusiliers from 1940 to 1945. Taken prisoner on the Dieppe Raid 19th Aug. 1942
  7. Modern Soldier Faces Unique Dangers Today
      Excerpt from an article written by Terri Kemball 'The Sherwood Park News', November 12, 1997
  8. Korean War Vets Gain Respect for Role in SE Asia
      Excerpt from an article written by Terri Kemball 'The Sherwood Park News', November 12, 1997
  9. A Canadian's Story
      Featured in Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul Featured in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Grand and Great By Pat Fowler
      A recollection of a conversation with a Canadian Immigrant on what it means to live in Canada
      I am proud that the editors of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul have selected this story as their lead story in this publication.
      I am also proud that the story was included in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grand and Great as well.
  10. A Letter from King George
      Contributed by Doug Dafoe in remembrance of his father Pte. CLARENCE GILBERT DAFOE
  11. The Best of Both Worlds
      By Ethel Daly in remembrance of her father Private JOHN EDWARD PERRAULT
  12. Remember TODAYS Heroes
      By a young military wife who has just become a new mother. On behalf of the many young families in todays Armed Forces
      By Lorne "Sonny" Warner (Novice Study Group) on behalf of his Father.
  14. BONNY
      By Garth Scott on behalf of his Father.
  15. A Soldier's Christmas
      By a US Marine on behalf of Soldiers everywhere.
  16. My Great Uncle
      By Tom Magnum In Memory of RUSSEL MORENCY
  17. Famous Fighting SCHAN Family
      By Lori Beale on behalf of the SCHAN Family
  18. The Women Who Stayed Behind
      By Ethel Matechuk
      Royal Canadian Air Force, Woman's Division, World War II
  19. My Grandfather
      By Linzi Hartt (November 1995)
      In Loving Memory of James Sydney BIGGER
      July 8, 1923 - October 19, 1995
  20. My Very Un-Military Reflections
    of Rembrance Day 1998
      By Patricia Fowler
  21. Lest We Forget
      By Lloyd E. Whimp in Honour of our Brave Men and Women
  22. REMEMBRANCE DAY, November 11, 1999
      By Patricia Fowler
  23. Angels of Mercy
      By Lloyd E. Whimp
  24. What Is War?
      By Jeremy J.S. Bigger in Honor of All Veterans
  25. Les deux frères Duponcel
      By Ginette Duponcel
  26. 2 Poems
      By Pat Fowler
  27. Two Boys
      By Garth Scott In remembrance of the anniversary of the end of World War I
  28. Annie Elizabeth JONES
      By Mark Johnson A Tribute to a Canadian Nurse in WWI
  29. The Solitary Tank
      By R.G. Sawdon, Saskatoon Light Infantry (MG) in WWII
  30. Scenic Illusion
      By R.G. Sawdon, Saskatoon Light Infantry (MG) in WWII
  31. Field of Honour
      By R.G. Sawdon, Saskatoon Light Infantry (MG) in WWII
  32. A P.O.W.'s Story
      Submitted By Art Johnson
      about his Company Commander in the Militia after the war
  33. Passchendaele Ridge
      Submitted By Russ Watson
      about his Grandfather George Pearson Watson M.M.
  34. A Fighting Perth Remembers
      Submitted By Stan Scislowski
  35. In Humble Tribute To Those Who Lie in the MORO RIVER WAR CEMETERY
      Submitted By Stan Scislowski
  36. LOOK OUT
      Submitted By Bruce Fournier (Cpl ret'd)
  37. A Tribute To Veterans (song)
      Submitted By Jerry Calow
  38. ANDY and PERRY
      Submitted By Chris Duke
      Excerpt of his Grandmother's book she wrote of her life in The Netherlands during World War II
  39. Our Canadian Soldier's
      Submitted By Rosemary McLean
      An excerpt from As The Word's Grow, Writing's and Poetry By Rosemary McLean
  40. Veteran Tribute
      first cited from Father Dennis Edward O'Brian, USMC
  41. Airmen Always Remembered
      Local woman spends time reuniting WWII airforce squadron
      Reprint of an article written by Chris Munkedal 'The Fort Record',
      Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, November 9, 2004
  42. The British Cemetery Of Ocracoke
      Reprint of an article written by Bonnie Edwards,
      February 1999, "Olde Kinston Gazette"
  43. F/O Ernest Handyside MERCER
      Compiled by Pat Fowler, March 2007,
      Based on interviews with Dori Mercer, Ernie's widow
  44. Four Stories of Valour
      Reprint with permission of an article appearing in
      The Western Sentinel on December 14, 2006
      as written by Capt. John Weingardt, The Western Sentinel,
      and Sgt. Dennis Power, Army News
  45. A Soldier's Story, A Long Road Home (Jody Mitic)
      Reprint of an article
      written by Holly Lake and photos by Craig Robertson,
      published April 1, 2007, Sun Media
  46. Soldier Recalls Grandfather's Sacrifice, On Common Ground (Jill Cooper)
      Reprint of an article
      written by Kathleen Harris and photos by Sean Kilpatrick,
      published April 6, 2007, Sun Media
  47. Sergeant Patrick TOWER - From a Military Family
      Compiled by Pat Fowler
  48. We Thank You
      By Mary-Kate Cross in Honour of All Veterans
      Submitted By Bruce Fournier (Cpl ret'd)
  50. Il a combattu dans la Royal canadian air force - Calvados
      Submitted by Jacky Emery, about an article in Ouest-France by Sylvie DEJOUY
  51. Frank's Story
      Submitted By Alan Dunn, Frank's son, in tribute to his father
      F/S F.A.Dunn, RCAF, 419 Sqn 6 Group 1943
  52. The Air Force Way
      Submitted by John Fefchak
      A Veteran of the RCAF / (Canadian Armed Forces)
      Chief Warrant Officer (retired)
  53. Korean War - Meet Private Roger Dutil
      Submitted By Paula, Roger's daughter, in tribute to her father
      Private Roger Dutil, Royal 22nd Regiment
  54. Finding the Man who Saved My Father's Life in WWII
      Submitted By Douglas Cunningham


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